Monday, April 25, 2011

Beautiful Sunny Monday!

The sun is finally shining in Fargo and it's truly beautiful! Although I still turned the heat on high when I drove to the gym to Train this morning @ 5:00 am! When I pulled back into the driveway, a few of the older girls were sitting on the sidewalk waiting for the early bus, so I left some chalk for the late bus school kids, hoping they will create some flowers.

I've only noticed a few green perennials poking up through the dirt, but the flowers are blooming in my studio!

I found an amazing basket of fabric this winter at the thrift store down the street from our home. The color and texture of these fabrics at the time (10 degrees below zero) were so summery & tropical. They were all remnants donated from a woman that used to work at Ben Franklin in the 60's. These remants still had the paper tags stapled to the fabric...Truly vintage with a little history...Exactly what I love!

These flowers are beautiful and always in bloom. I rip the fabric into strips and tie a knot in one end and start twisting & gluing around the knot.