Monday, January 3, 2011

Special Christmas Project

The following two photos show 19 Vintage Key & Seam Binding Ribbon Necklaces. This project was so much fun because I was able to share a little Hangsleben history with my family. Grandma Bea has been so surprised with all the "junk drawer" junk I use when creating jewelry, so I told her to throw nothing away until she gives it to me. Each time we visit, she passes along another treasure. These keys came from her collection that accumulated from the farm & shop. I knew that I needed to keep these in the family and these necklaces were the result.


  1. I liked this very much Hidie!!! like I mentioned before your creative gifts go around
    the world!!!

  2. I can't really tell you how special the key around my neck is! The memories it holds, the energy it was made with and the love that it was given with.... thank you thank you! You are a creative angel making everyone's life just a little sweeter with your gifts! love you! Rachelle