Monday, March 28, 2011

T-Shirt Bracelet :: Zipper Flowers

T-shirt bracelet:
This funky bracelet used to be one of my favorite t-shirts! I finally need to recycle it & started to cut it into rags. The edges started to curl & I knew that I wanted to try something a little different. I cut many small strips & layered them together. I tied the ends off with hemp cord, attached a toggle clasp & added charms!

Zipper Flowers:
I have a large collection of vintage zippers in many different colors & sizes. I knew I wanted to create "flowers" but wasn't sure how to make them "curl". I pulled out my sewing kit & started with a "running stitch" to gather the edges. This worked to make the flower & I simply layered the zipper into a circle. The longer the zipper, the bigger the flower!


  1. I love the zipper flowers...One talented girl. Thanx for sharing. Visit me...Tiff

  2. HI! Just returned from the big sale in West Fargo after purchasing your wonderful white suitcase and some linens from your booth. Wish I could have gotten there earlier! Saw your tag you were a blogger popped by to visit and become your newest follower.

  3. Love your blog...and your fun vintage inspired collections! I am excited that I ran into you at the West Fargo Sale, your stuff is so whimsical and fun....I hope to run into again soon and will keep up with your blog....

    ~ the chick from Thief River......
    a.k.a " The White House Boutique" check us out on Facebook!

  4. Love your zipper flowers, posted your pic of them on my blog with a link to yours to get the how to.