Thursday, October 27, 2011

One of a kind Bracelets

I've found another great use for my "up-cycled" leather flowers.....Bracelets! I purchased these skinny black leather snap bracelets at Tandy Leather & didn't like the natural color, so I purchased a water based black leather paint & distressed each bracelet!

I have officially run out of vintage rhinestone buckles after completing this collection of seamstress bracelets! I would love to find a vintage green seamstress measuring tape & a jar full of small rhinestone buckles!


  1. Love the tape measure bracelets, do you have any 'larger' sized ones? Most bracelets I try on are tight.

  2. I can add length to any bracelet to adjust the size! I have all but one in this photo. Let me know if you have your eye on one & I can make the changes......Kind Regards! Hidie Lin

  3. Oh oh, I didn't get back on this site to reply, I bet you don't have any left now. I would like one for a 7.5 inch wrist.

  4. wow one of the best bracelets I have ever seen

    Cheers to Hidie Lin Larson for posting this

    Hope to see more Christian Jewelry collections from your side