Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hats with creative & vintage embellishments!

These hats have so much fun to design. I start this process by creating my fabric rosettes, which turn out to be much easier when using a hot glue gun! I of course purchase the hats, which I have to thank my great hubby for repleneshing my stock! I sent him to Kohl's in Grand Forks because they had a great stock on sale. He buttered up the sales clerk & came home with 35 hats...WOW! These range in price ($18-$30) depending on which vintage buttons, pins or clip earrings I use to complete the design


  1. Love the hats...the rosettes with the vintage buttons and jewelry ROCK! Tiffany

  2. I purchased one of your hats at the craft fair in Park Rapids! I want more- your items are amazing! Where can I purchase them?


  3. Hi Casey! I'm so sorry I missed your comment! I will be at the Island Park Show in Fargo August 25th & 26th!